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Happy 2764th Birthday Rome!

One of my favorite European cities has a birthday today. According to legend, the twin brothers Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome. Following the murder of Remus, Romulus became the first king of Rome. The traditional date of … Continue reading

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Casa Amarilla: Antigua, Guatemala

No matter how many ‘nice’ hotels I stay at during my travels there is something about hostels that makes me feel at home in whatever country I might be resting my head at night. The Casa Amarilla is one fine … Continue reading

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Food Extremes and Obesity in the USA

Is it food or just nutrition you are eating?  The media and mega manufacturing have been pivotal in pushing nutritionism, the trend of looking at food as ingredients for an individual ingredient’s value and not the overall food that contains … Continue reading

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Job Opportunity in Denver: Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

In honor of election day in the USA lets take a look at one of the initiatives on my Colorado ballot. I was surprised and amused with ballot initiative 300. To all my past and present trekkie friends there might … Continue reading

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A New Year…Many New Changes

Ever have that feeling that life is crazy? Where events are spinning all around you and no matter what you do other threads are pulled causing more of that crazy feeling? Is that change? Or a realization of things that … Continue reading

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Resignation Letter (Humor)

Now for something completely non adventure related.  This was passed along to me recently.  How many buzz phrases from Corporate America can you find?  Relate to? Happy Holidays! _____________________________ To all, Sorry about the late notice, but I had a … Continue reading

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Doctors w/o Borders (MSF) Recruitment in Denver

Denver_Info_Session_12_09_09__Half Since my brother, recently returned from Sri Lanka, is employeed by MSF and I believe in the MSF mission I'm doing my part to spread the word. Get out and Explore the World! Read and post comments | Send to … Continue reading

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