About Haliku

Adventure and cultural experiences are twin pillars of my being.  Both can be found anywhere so travel to the ends of the earth is not needed to temporarily satiate these urges; though I prefer to encompass both through the medium of travel. These experiences, near and far, solo or with others, enhance my understanding of the world and enrich me on many levels.

History is full of explorer adventurers who have pushed the limits of knowledge, in their day, while also testing themselves against the unknown.  This is not an elite club that the rest of us can only read about.  Anyone can pursue adventure if the interest is there.  Do not compare to the adventures of yesteryear but find what drives you and pushes your personal limits to accomplish a goal whether it is running your first marathon or cooking a new cuisine for dinner.  It is the personal challenge that matters.

The writings within are my stories, adventures and occasional instructions.  They are an attempt for me to share my experiences with friends and family around the world as well as hopefully provide wisdom and advice to anyone who is looking for adventure.  My careers and passions have changed over the years but whether vocation or avocation the skills and experiences aid my future adventures.

Mountain climber, guide, scuba instructor, archaeologist, ultra runner, student of life–I am Haliku.

Get out and explore the World!

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