Casa Amarilla: Antigua, Guatemala

No matter how many ‘nice’ hotels I stay at during my travels there is something about hostels that makes me feel at home in whatever country I might be resting my head at night. The Casa Amarilla is one fine example I want to share with you.

At the end of my week of Spanish classes with the Spanish Academy Antiguena my home stay was also over so I needed a place for my final night in town. Several of my fellow students had stayed at this one or in adjacent hostels on the same block as Casa Amarilla so I knew the area was safe and the prices were reasonable.

My room was on the plant and flower filled rooftop with tables, hammocks, couches and a view of the bight yellow La Merced church a block away. Filtered water, wifi access, shared hot water showers and breakfast were also included in the $15 USD per night cost.

An additional benefit, if one was staying longer and traveling the backpack circuit is the inhouse travel agency located at the entrance to this comfortable oasis. Whether you need a flight, a taxi or just tickets for the bus to your next destination they can manage it all. As with any travel agency in Antigua they sell tours to all the regional ruins and points of interest at very competative prices. Find them at 1a Calle Poiniente 24 in the city center, 502-7832-6646 or

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1 Response to Casa Amarilla: Antigua, Guatemala

  1. Xenia says:

    You had your own room? Wow, that’s swank. I think my hosteling experience is rather limited as I’ve mostly stayed in them whilst in large European cities. To be fair, the ones I stayed at in Paris, Berlin and Munich were kickass and run by amazingly kind and helpful proprietors. The London and Rome ones…not so much. If I can’t stay at the Nerditorium while in Rome, I prefer to take a room at one of the nun-run pensiones. Clean and straightforward accommodation with nice continental breakfasts and practice speaking my Italian with very sweet old ladies. I like that.

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