Iranian Climbers Exchange: The First Half

The Iranian Climbers Exchange project that I wrote about in May has evolved from a concept into reality.  It is one thing to make up a list of who might go to Iran next year if the stars align, it is another to actually have names, visas and a schedule to realize this goodwill ambassadorship exchange is getting off the ground.  During the bureaucratic visa process thirteen Iranians were granted entry so the more the merrier; it’s soon time to welcome them to the USA!


After a few days in the Washington, DC area, touring the nation’s capital, the next stop will be Grand Teton National Park to climb and explore the rugged splendor of Wyoming.  (Photos from





Whether or not I get to go to Iran next year as part of the exchange is still unknown at this point.  What I will be doing is joining the group in Wyoming to help make the first half of this exchange a success.  So with my Farsi phrasebook in one hand and my harness in the other I am soon headed north.


Get out and explore the World!

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3 Responses to Iranian Climbers Exchange: The First Half

  1. Xenia says:

    Wow! I had no idea about this. Hope Wyoming goes well!

  2. Katiebell says:

    Sounds like a great project. I really need to figure out how to introduce you to my friend Babek, an Iranian living in Seattle. We ran together in Colorado and the way he describes the mountains in Iran it makes me want to go…. (but not at this point in time…. 🙂 THank you for doing this, as I can see all sorts of good fun and good "feelings" coming from such a great project.

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