North Fork 50: a Colorado Mountain Ultra



Yet another race approaches but this time I do not feel as prepared.  After last month’s Laurel Highlands Ultra my running has been minimal at best.  A minor injury post race and then my last minute trip to Guatemala both conspired to knock down my weekly mileage.


This weekend Ultrathoner and I will once again hit the trails in an attempt of the North Fork 50 for its inaugural run in the mountains southwest of Denver.  We are both signed up for the 50 M and are using it as a supported training run for our joint effort at Lean Horse 100—his 100 attempt and me as his pacer.


The course is all trails, mainly single and some double track, with much of it running through the Buffalo Creek and High Meadow burn areas.  There are some steep sections and some rocky sections as you would expect in a trail race.  There are several big climbs and downhills, but most of the climb is not extremely steep but will certainly be challenging as the race is between 6,700 – 8,000 feet elevation.  Sections along the ridges and along Buffalo Creek are rolling and mostly gentle.  Most of the course is in pine forest, but there are several burn areas that are open and unshaded.  The burn areas offer some beautiful views of the high mountains in the distance as show by the picture from their website (as seen above).  The verticle gain is 4,500 feet for the 50K and 7,200 feet for the 50 Mile ensuring that the race is going to be a challenge.




As with every race my goal is to finish but with this race my secret goal is also to finish!


Check out Ultrasignup to register or for more information on this and other worthy Ultras.


Get out and explore the World!

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1 Response to North Fork 50: a Colorado Mountain Ultra

  1. Xenia says:

    Good luck to you and Ultrathoner on the 50 and kudos to you for being a pacer for the 100. Do you not want to attempt 100 yourself or are you waiting for another time to do so?

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