Snake Love and Green Hills

Officially I am now on my taper!  It is a great feeling knowing I still have running to do but running will not dominate my life for the next 20 days.  For any non-racers a taper period is where a runner backs off the mileage in the 2-3 weeks prior to a race.  Endurance does not leave quickly so reducing the miles close to the race allow the body to heal and recover for the big day.  Taper runs are done at shorter distances and at less of an intensity.  I personally do some speed and interval work during taper and less on the weekend runs.

Saturday was a nice trail up in Broomfield with Runner's Edge.  It was the first HOT day we have had in Colorado this year.  I don't know what the official temperature was but they were calling for 87F.  I believe it reached that by 10 am.  Our trail was only marked out for 14 miles so I doubled back the middle section to get a few more.  On my way back I saw another runner from the club, Jen, waiting on the trail.  As I came closer she started talking a mile a minute about something up on the trail ahead.  Turn out she saw a snake.  Having a fear of snakes she turned back and did not want to pass by it.  Considering where we were it could be anything from a rattlesnake, a bull snake or a gardner out looking for food.  As we got closer there certainly was a snake in the middle of the trail.  Two actually.  But as they were very preoccupied then never even noticed us as we went by:

With that crisis averted we soon ended the run as the last runners in for the day.  And it was only mid morning!

Sunday dawned much cooler than the day before with a forecast of only 80F for the high.  One week I'm running in gloves the next its in the 80s.  Colorado.

I needed some serious mileage for the second half of my sandwich so I headed south to Greenland and the Douglas County open space where we ran the 50 k a few weeks ago.  A few runners, many bikers and several horseman shared the trail on a beautiful blue sky day.  The temps were cool (it was early) which made for a great first lap.

I ran the course in true ultra fashion.  If there was a hill I walked it then picked up the pace for the flats and the downhill segments.  Fueled by a batch of pancakes eaten prior to driving south I felt great as the laps ticked away at what felt like an all day pace even though I could tell I ran yesterday as the legs were slower than normal.  But soon I was done and my second high miles sandwich was done.

Next stop the Laurel Highlands 77 m!

Run on and Get out and Explore the World!

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1 Response to Snake Love and Green Hills

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Awwww…. mommy and daddy snakes making baby snakes… how cute!
    I'm looking forward to Laurel Highlands- I've only run/hiked 5 miles once over this last week and then done a couple of other 2 mile jogs only. This is a much different taper than I've ever done so it will be interesting to see if such an early and almost complete break from running for a week and a half will make any difference in my performance.
    I think some short fast runs when I get home will be exactly what will be called for.
    Gosh- I am itching to RUN. So much so, I will need to not be stupid and take off like a rabbit those first few dozen miles at Laurel.

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