A ‘Why Not’ Race – Colorado Colfax Marathon

At Greenland this past weekend I met Allison who is a friend of one of my Denali climbing partners.  This might seem to be a random coincidence but both ultra running and climbing are small tribes and if you are part of both communities you are guaranteed to have friends in common.  But I digress.


We ran a few miles together talking about past and future races.  As a marathon maniac she was very versed with the regional races which she uses as training runs for her target races and ultras.


After we parted I had hours to think as I ran.


“Why not see what races are still open to meet my long run training goals for Laurel Highlands?”  A supported race is certainly better than carrying all the food and water I need for a 25-30 mile run.


So I checked marathonguide.com when I got home and booked another training race: the Colorado Colfax Marathon.



I also mailed my application and check for the Laurel Highlands Ultra 77m in June.


It’s turning out to be a great running year.


Get out and Explore the World!

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1 Response to A ‘Why Not’ Race – Colorado Colfax Marathon

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Of course why not!
    Looking forward to Laurel Highlands!

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