Greenland 50k Update: And then there were two.



Tim and I finished the running week on a good note.  It was another high mileage trail week.  We spent several hours at Greenland running the course in strong form.  Three laps with the out and back to the trailhead clocked in at 21 miles.  We ran this at marathon (4 hour) pace and not as a trail run so the hills were run at a slightly slower pace but not walked.


We had beautiful weather with partly cloudy conditions with spring temperatures and a slight breeze.  The breeze was not the wind we experienced the week before where we could lean 45 degrees into it and not fall to the ground!


The earlier part of the week was spent running hills, speed or intervals.  I can feel these specialized runs’ working as my overall speed is improving as well as my endurance.  It really helps to stick to the training plan and it certainly helps me to run with someone else to keep me on the training plan—thanks Tim.


The following day Tim found out his visa is ready for his next assignment with Doctors without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontierer (MSF).  So along with his passport they wanted possible departure dates.  Two days hence will find him pointing his Jeep east across the country towards New England for his departure in ten days.  His new home and job will be working in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the town of Tari.  So by race day instead of running his first ultra he will be settling into a drastically different routine.  Safe travels!


Ultrathoner and I are looking forward to race day as the next step towards the Laurel Highlands Ultra 77 mile run we are doing in June!


Get out and Explore the World!



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1 Response to Greenland 50k Update: And then there were two.

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I'm looking forward to Greenland 50-k but will miss having Tim with us.

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