Greenland 50k Update

Tim and I just finished our training week (Monday-Sunday) on a strong note.  Speed, recovery and interval work during the week with 19 trail miles yesterday and 9+ more today.  So 48 miles for the week.  Yesterday's run was at Greenland with very fierce winds.  I could lean into the wind with my body 45 degress to the ground and be supported by the gusts!  Two and a half laps was enough of that!  We will return next weekend for 3-4 laps.  After that my schedule will only allow for 10 mile or less runs until the race.

Run on!

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Mountain climber, ultrarunner, scuba instructor, world traveler, student of life
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1 Response to Greenland 50k Update

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Sounds like you guys will be totally ready to kick my butt speed-wise.
    But hell, as long as I finish BEFORE 7:59:25, I will have set a new PB for the course!
    I couldn't do any worse than I did in 2008… or could I?

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