Next Up: Greenland 50k

After a quick 5-10 inches of snow two days ago Spring is here today.  So a trail run was in order to celebrate season's change.  Since I haven't done a medium run for a few weeks a sloppy, muddy, snowy trail run was my penitence.

The first race of the year for me is the Greenland 50k south of Denver on 1 May.  It was my first trail ultra a few years ago so the course is familiar.  What makes it more interesting is the two people I blame for getting me into marathon running the into ultras are also registered.  My brothers Ultrathoner and Tim.  While I've run races with both of them before we all haven't raced together yet due to timing of jobs and geography.

Greenland 50k 2008

Haliku and Tim in Bolivia

With temps in the 50s what better way to train for the race than to run on the actual course.  The race is normally four loops of one section at Greenland Open Space.  So today was a two loop day.  Very few people were out besides several riders on horses and a few runners so crowds were not a concern.  The intense sun was quickly melting the snow making for a wet sloppy, muddy, mess. 



The conditions were perfect for my Inov8 shoes.  Pockets of slush, mud, water, snow and horse crap all competed to try and slow me down.  With a tread similar to a mountain bike tire I was not only able to stay upright but actually use the soft conditions accelerate when needed.  I even ran, ok maybe jogged is more realistic, the uphills for some hill training.  Matching the Inov8's with a pair of Injini socks was the perfect combination for a run.


Inov8 and Injinji: a perfect combination

Since I forgot my Garmin 305 I can only classify this training run as strong.  For the first spring trail run and five weeks out from race day I feel on track with my training so far.  Happy Spring and good running to everyone!

Get out and Explore the World! 

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One Response to Next Up: Greenland 50k

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I've been enjoying the warm/dry weather and am looking forward to this. With multiple loops, I might actually get to see you and Tim more than once as you all pass me!
    I'm actually toying with attempting to run this in my Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs). I've ran as far as 20+ miles in them last year. My calves should be stronger however before I attempt such a distance. After a winter of running mostly in shoes, it might very well take more than a few weeks to get back into barefoot/minimal footwear running shape.
    I probably won't decide until race week or even race day. My INOV-8s will do fine if I change my mind. For now, I glad that I can just run in my VFFs without frostbite.
    Perhaps I should try a shorter distance first- such as a 26.2m?
    Run on!

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