Imagine Ethiopia 2010: a journey of adventure, stewardship and connection


A good friend of mine has been on an amazing life journey for the last several years.  I admire her for her ability to blend her passions into a purpose that not only pays the bills but also allows her to travel and grow from the experiences.  All the while giving back to the communities she touches.

Majka has now partnered up with a few others to lead a multi-faceted journey to Ethiopia–a country she has lived in, worked and written two books about–this fall.  Their purpose, in her own words, "we are transporting a group to the heart of humanity's ancient roots to imagine, create and contribute to a new future for a nation of children. Join us."

Though I am not going along due to other commitments I am helping to spread the word.

The expedition's website with extensive details is here.

If you have questions contact Majka directly at:

An excellent trailer of about the trip is below.  It is well worth watching just to see the people and landscapes of Ethiopia.  Simply beautiful.

Get out and Explore the World!

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