Ice Climbing: From the Climber’s Perspective

Recently the American Alpine Club held a contest for short climbing videos.  The video that took first shows what it looks like when you ice climb.  So for all of you who have yet to try it enjoy! 

Congrats to Peter Valchev who submitted “Ice Climbing in the Ghost: Candlestick Maker and Hidden Dragon”

Here’s a short description of the video:

Ice climbing in the Ghost River Valley, Canada. Orient Point is a drainage that hosts several high-quality ice climbs that can be combined for a nice day. We climbed the easy approach ice and started off with a short pillar to the left of Hidden Dragon, after which we continued to Candlestick Maker, our real objective. It consists of a short & stout free standing pillar, pouring in front of a large cave. The second pitch is a longer version of the same.

This is a 3-minute compilation he made with a helmet camera to show parts of the experience. Soundtrack is “The Rapture – Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix)”, Creative Commons licensed: Video created with Cinelerra for Linux.


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