Haliku’s 2010 Running Objectives: Take II

I hate to admit it but the head cold and lung crud I picked up in early January kicked my tail.  My mileage for the month was as much as my normal weekly mileage when I am in training.  Not a good omen.  This past weekend I went out for what I thought was an easy 12 miler only to be rejected and beat up from a fairly easy course.  I'm still sore two days later!

So with the above in mind and with a conversation with Coach David I am canceling my plans for the 3 Days of Syllamo in Arkansas.  It is only 6 weeks away and I don't feel I can train up to a strong 93 miles over three days without risking an overuse/abuse injury.  Last year was bad enough for injuries.  Though I feel I am letting Ultra’thoner down I know this will keep me in the game so I can cross the 100m mark with him at Lean Horse when I pace him in August.

So now what?

Being a planner I pulled out plans B and C.  The Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 25/50m and the Greenland 50k are both in my backyard and are viable options.  I am leaning towards the Collegiate Run since it is 50m and I have never run it before.  I started my ultra running at Greenland and often train on the course for other races.  Both races are 1 May so I'll have to decide soon.  Meanwhile I think the Boulder Spring 1/2 Marathon, the same weekend as Syllamo, will have to be my penitence.

Run strong!

Get out and explore the world.

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Mountain climber, ultrarunner, scuba instructor, world traveler, student of life
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1 Response to Haliku’s 2010 Running Objectives: Take II

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Don't feel too bad… I mean really, I'm so dad-gummed slow, would I have even seen you during the actual race?
    I will definitely miss you and John during our calorie-reloading phase every evening- I guess there will be just that much more food left for me to have for myself!
    I've recently had a bout with strep throat and am finally felling better but have no idea how I'm going to do at Syllamo myself. This weekend was supposed to be my last 60+ mile three days of long running. I didn't even exceed ten miles total for the entire weekend. Illnesses suck.
    Oh well. I'm registered so no backing out now- if anything, it'll be one great training run- I mean three great training runs- no matter how they go.
    I look forward to seeing you at Greenland 50-k- I hope this year I finish ahead of second to last! It'll be hard to do worse than that- other than to DNF or finish DFL- hard but not impossible!
    Take care and recover well!

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