Ultra Signup – A Running Website Review


Ultra Signup was a grass roots idea to bring information closer to both the beginning trail enthusiast as well as top notch athletes. It was designed by people who have a huge passion for the outdoors and trail running. Bringing the ability to search for events using a variety of factors such as distance, altitude, and elevation gain, will enable people to find their optimal race.


Not only are they trying to provide race information in one centralized location, they work with Race Directors by hosting online registration for events at a very reasonable processing fee.


Runner’s Tools

Find Events

Users can search our extensive database of events for a race that suits their needs. Whether you are looking for a specific race or want to find one that matches your strengths, the search engine will help narrow down your options.  Do you only want to look at races for a certain distance and/or certain geographic region?  It can filter them down for you all without having to go from site to site to compare race information.


They do not provide registration services for all events but for races registered with Ultra Signup you can do it all with this one site.


Use the results page to lookup race results for all races.  If races you registered for were in a different name (Robert instead of Bob) you can request for the results to be linked to your name.  Also if an ultra length race doesn’t show under your profile you can provide the results link in a request so that they are added to your profile.

Analyze Data

If there's an entrants list available, we will give you the tools to help analyze your competition. Let them know if you would like them to up load a list. You can also use the system to easily navigate through past results for the races. They promise to continue to add great tools designed with the racer in mind. So if you have any ideas to improve the site or the current tools send them a note with you suggestions.



My first thought was “Why didn’t I think of this first?”  Using the system is very straight forward and setting up an account only took a few minutes.  The only personal data that can be seen by others is your name, any race results and your profile picture if you choose to upload one.

I really enjoy the centralized location for so many races.  Using Google to search for races or trying to find ideas from Marathon Guide was not efficient.  Ultra Signup is a great companion to using Ultra Running magazine and their website for race research.


Run Strong!


Get out and Explore the World.

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