Haliku’s 2010 Running Objectives

My first objective, as it should be with everyone, it to avoid injury.  Last year I experienced an overuse injury and an ankle sprain which kept my running to barely there until late July.  I hope to avoid any overuse injuries by easing my mileage up and not pushing my training pace faster than 10-15% per week.  As for any sprains I guess I’ll just have to be more careful when trail running.  I joined a local running club which also provides support from a running coach will help me achieve these goals and keep me motivated with scheduled Saturday long runs.

During our first weekend run recently Ultrathoner and I discussed many races.  As with my mountain climbing pursuits there are just too many races and not enough time to sample them all!


I’ve found three ultra runs that I plan to focus on and will fill in training gaps with half and full marathons around the Colorado region when possible.


3 Days of Syllamo (12-14 March 2010) – This is a staged race in the Ozarks of Arkansas.  The first day is 50k; the next day is 50m; and the last day is 20k for a 150k 3 day adventure.  Ultrathoner first suggested this to kick off the running season strong for his 100 mile attempt at the Lean Horse Hundred where I will pace him.


Laurel Highlands Ultra 76.5m (12 June 2010) – This one day race is in the Appalachian mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania.  The course follows the Laurel Highlands Hiking trail from end-to-end for plenty of beautiful scenery and challenging terrain.


West to East Race Across the Peninsula 308k (Late September) –This race is across the South Korean Peninsula over four days.  A friend that I made on Denali last year, Mark, recently took a job with his company in Seoul.  He is also an ultra runner and is training towards this race.  Since it is a blank spot on my ‘have visited’ map and adventure is involved I am planning on going also.


(Request: Can anyone read the website and help me with some minor details on the when/where/how much etc of the race?)


I am also setting up a B list of races to use if any of the primary objectives need to be adjusted.


Run well, run strong!


Get out and Explore the World!


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Mountain climber, ultrarunner, scuba instructor, world traveler, student of life
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2 Responses to Haliku’s 2010 Running Objectives

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    This is a great list! I wish I could join you in South Korea!
    I'll register for Syllamo later today. We need to be in touch to look at flights, lodging etc.
    The turnpike bridge in the Laurel Highlands Ultramarathon will be taken out and not replaced until 2015 (if at all). They are planning on a detour on a gravel road which adds 6 miles to the course. Of course, really what is the difference of 6 extra miles when you're already planning on 70.5? They did increase the final cut-off by two hours for 24 hours to finish the race (helpful for slowpokes like me).
    So…. are you absolutely and postively sure you (we) will be doing Laurel Highlands (barring injury or other unforseen problems)?
    The reason I ask is that Bighorn 50-m Trail Run on-line registration opens tomorrow and will fill in a day or two. Bighorn will be the weekend after Laurel- if we don't do Laurel then I'd do Bighorn 50 instead.
    Of course we'd have to make a decision by tomorrow! Basically, I'm checking to see how sure you are about Laurel before I let the Bighorn entry deadline come and go!
    I will do Bighorn again, perhaps various distances multiple times. It's the most scenic race I've run in thus far. If we do Laurel this year as it sounds like we will be- then Bighorn will be put on my list for 2011 and future years.
    Take care and run strong!

  2. Katiebell says:

    all those races sound great. My goal for 2010 is to rehab my messed up achilles (Partial tear) and run maybe a 5k or a 10k. It's a big comedown, but, I like having a goal!

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