A New Year…Many New Changes

Ever have that feeling that life is crazy?

Where events are spinning all around you and no matter what you do other threads are pulled causing more of that crazy feeling?

Is that change?

Or a realization of things that are completely out of your control?  Control is just a perception right?

The answer is "Yes!"

While more will be written soon I am riding a large wave and am not sure where it will break.

So with something I can control–this blog–I changed my banner. 

The old was of Illampu in Bolivia from our successful non-summit expedition in 2008.

The new was taken from the top of North America last May, the last time I felt any sense of control.

Control at over 20,000 feet?  Must of been AMS…

Happy New Year! 

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About Haliku

Mountain climber, ultrarunner, scuba instructor, world traveler, student of life
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4 Responses to A New Year…Many New Changes

  1. Owlbebak says:

    That is a fantastic photo!

  2. Ultra'thoner says:

    Hey…. looks great!

  3. mindy says:

    Amazing photo! New year, clean slate – hang in there!

  4. CliffhangerB says:

    Awesome banner.

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