Meeting One of My Climbing Heros

For any regular reader of my blog it is well known that climbing, especially alpine climbing, is a passion of mine.  I recently spent three nights representing the American Alpine Club in the Denver area.  The event was a climbing video and presentation that three The North Face athletes were presenting.  One of those climbers is Conrad Anker.  He is a top alpinist and an all around great guy.  I have read his books, followed his climbs and gone to his presentations.  I met his partners Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk also.  Jimmy is an amazing photographer while Renan is an artist–video, photo or drawing.  These guys spent some serious climbing karma in the Indian Himalaya on 22,000-foot Mount Meru last year.  For any non-climbers consider this analogy–you are sitting around a table BSing with Tiger Woods and the other top golfers.  And best of all they are great guys with no elitist attitude.

Here's a short video of them climbing in Eldorado State Park last week.  I should of called in sick to work…


Thanks Dad!

Get out and Explore the World!

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2 Responses to Meeting One of My Climbing Heros

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Sounds like fun. You should have called in sick to work.

  2. Steve Ochoa says:

    Great video Haliku, I too love rock climbing but have not done any in some time now. I wondered upon your site this morning and to my pleasant surprise I was able to escape from my office out onto the rocks at least for a minute or two, Thank you.
    I have had the same experience when meeting extemely skilled climbers, hikers, trail runners and athletes of this nature. They are usually very down to earth and approachable individuals. I don' t know that I have ever met climbers of the caliber you have but I have met well know athletes in many other disciplines who surprised me with there down to earth nature and demeanor.
    I look forward to ready your Stone Cat report hopefully this weekend, have to get back to work.

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