Culture and Climbing in Alaska: Day 10

Day 10 Sunday May 24th: We moved to 17 camp today.  We woke in cold temperatures hours before the sun was due to warm up camp.  The cold motivated us to keep moving while we packed up everything either to carry or for our cache outside the wall.  The packs were heavier than our carry two days earlier.


Chris climbing the shrund at the fixed lines.


   We made our way slowly up to the fixed lines.  Others were headed higher so our progress was slowed waiting on the slower groups.  Patience is needed as there are some areas where you just would not want to pass.  The wind was quite strong so we prudently used the fixed pickets to aid us in some of the spicier sections along the ridge


We arrived to a full camp.  Time to develop some new property.


   It took almost eight hours to arrive at a camp well packed from the previous day.  We found some space on the edge of camp near the edge overlooking 14 camp far below.  It wasn’t built so we started with an existing wall as we leveled and encircled our tents.  The winds died down which helped the temperatures—warm in the sun; cold in the shade.


Dan brewing water with Denali Pass in the background. 



  Gabe taking a look from our balcony.



14 camp 3000 feet below.  



Climbers gathering to listen to the nightly weather report.


    It took almost as long to build camp, brew some water and make dinner as it did to climb from 14 camp.  The altitude required slow and methodical actions or else breathlessness ensued; frequent rest breaks were needed none the less.  The snow at 17k is very dry so it takes a lot more snow to produce water.  It was after midnight when we finally went to bed without all the bottles filled.  The 2000 nightly weather broadcast was optimistic for the following day.  Our best chance was the next day as the winds were to die down in the afternoon from the recent norm of 30-50 mph.

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  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Great photos and climb report… simply amazing.

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