New shoes…new knee?


Ok at least a healed knee.  After almost four weeks Tim and I headed out last night for a short 4 mile run.  Equipped with new shoes and a good pre run stretch we knocked it down with ~9 minute miles.  While I noticed the cardio wasn’t where it normally would be the knee felt great!  More specifically it didn’t feel different at all,–just like it should.


I find it hard to stop and let my body heal when I get a tweak or pain.  This time, being my knee was the issue, I did nothing more than walk-ok I did go skiing and hike with med-heavy pack several times—but no running.  Perhaps a touch of wisdom acquired over the years?  I don’t plan on upping the mileage too much since Denali is only 10 weeks away.  I will ramp up with 4-6 mile runs so I can get my cardio back.  I also need to find more trails near home…concrete is evil.  Run on!


Get out and Explore your World!

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Mountain climber, ultrarunner, scuba instructor, world traveler, student of life
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2 Responses to New shoes…new knee?

  1. TURTLEGIRL73 says:

    That's pretty impressive. I'm still struggling with my running a little

  2. crooked says:

    glad you're feeling better. dealing with injuries is no fun at all!

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