5.1 and on Injured Reserve

Cold (20s) and windy.  The first 5 miles felt strong and fleet of foot then the right knee started talking back.  I'm not sure what is going on but it is a soft tissue injury–perhaps tendon strain?

6.70 m in 1:00:12 for a 8:59 min/m burning 831 cal

AHR/MHR: 159/176

Vertical +/-: 550 / 581 ft

Either way I don't feel that I should run on it even with the minimal swelling, tightness and pain (0.5 on 0-10) so I am putting myself on the injured list for at least the next two weeks.  Any races I wanted to do the first half of the year will be scratched until further testing since I'm only 8 weeks away from the 50 m I wanted to attempt.  Worst case I hope to salvage the running season by pacing Ultra’thoner at Lean Horse in August and then attempt my first 100 in October at the Boulder 100.  Time will tell.

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