4.0 Injured

My right knee is bothering me.  I have point tenderness and some minor swelling.  I can’t pin it to any specific moment but think it’s a result of all my recent activities with my recent ski outing being the final straw.  I can walk and the pain is about a 2 on my 1-10 scale.  So by applying RICE and skipping the runs this week I think this tweak will heal up quickly. 


If all heals as I hope I will be skipping the Red Hot race next month in Moab and focusing on the Buffalo Run the end of March as my first race goal.  If not then a trip to the Doc will be in short order.  I need my knees for all my active pursuits so this delay is very frustrating; especially as my climbing objective for the year is starting to firm up (more on that in another post soon). 

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3 Responses to 4.0 Injured

  1. Owlbebak says:

    Reading your comments about RICE the other day allowed me to provide a co-worker with the proper information on how to deal with a strain. He suffered a pretty bad one yesterday and I suspect he will be suffering for some time. He told me he went to the emergency room to have it check out and I asked him about the treatment. He said they just gave him a cold pack and said to stay off of it. I was shock that they didn't give him any more information than that, not even a simple handout on the RICE treatment or the proper application of the cold pack or timing. Anyway, I did a web search and told him about RICE.

  2. Ultra'thoner says:

    That totally sucks. Is it the outside of your knee? ITB can flare there but so can other causes. It's better to take a week or two off now than be injured longer later on. Hope it gets better soon buddy.

  3. Haliku says:

    RICE is excellent if done right in my experience for the first 24-48 hours. After that heat can be added to the mix instead of ice. Glad he has a plan; too bad he had to visit the ER.
    Knee is better. It was a tweak/tear of the facia around my knee. I've done this before but haven't always given it time to heal. With age comes wisdom?

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