3.4 X-Training (Ice Climbing)


Running is great but it is a solo activity for the most part.  I wanted to get out on the ice for the first time this season so my climbing partner, Jon, and I first checked out Clear Creek Canyon outside of Golden.  The warm weather of the past week hasn't been kind to ice formation.  The ice lines in the canyon looked like it was mid November, not mid January.  So we continued up I-70 to Silver Plume arriving with only one other car in the pull off.  After a half hour hike with packs (some of the cross training) we got to the base of the falls just behind four others.  The ice was thin and worn but at least we got to swing our axes some (more cross training!).  The other group was great in allowing us to climb and belay on their ropes as the curtain would only safely fit two lines at this point.

Did I get the same workout as a 20 mile run?  Most likely not but the knees also didn't take the pounding of a 20 mile run…

Get out and Explore the World!

Pic: Haliku on Silver Plume Falls taken by Jon.

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1 Response to 3.4 X-Training (Ice Climbing)

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I'm envious… very envious…

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