Off and Running in 2009

With the New Year and new race objectives I will be posting more mundane training and running information on this blog; mostly only for the friends/family/neighbors to read.  Since Ultrathoner and I are collaborating on several races it will be a way for us to keep up to date since we aren’t actually running together while training and thus boring for most everyone else.


For the first few months of the year I have three defined races which are all really training runs for my top three running pursuits this season.  Baring any injuries I plan to attempt:


Ramp Up


Primary Goals


Other trail runs and races will be added as time, energy and travel schedules are determined.  For example I’d love to run the Boulder Backroads Marathon again this year in September but only as a training run for my 100 mile attempt.


Winter Training

During the holiday lull last week I used the Santa Clarita Runners tools to determine that I was already 5.5 weeks behind schedule!  I’m not too concerned since during my running off-season (Nov & Dec) I have been running a few times a week and cross training by lifting, biking and climbing.  I feel the conditioning and endurance built up from the 2008 running season (Jan – Oct) is still here.  So the schedule below is a guide and not an absolute since I have plenty of cross training activities to attempt this winter.  Time on the feet and not speed is my goal through Greenland to set me up for my primary goals.




Happy New Year!


Get out and Explore the World!

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2 Responses to Off and Running in 2009

  1. mindy says:

    Awesome race schedule! Post away about those"mundane" running updates – there will be a lot of support from the online (and virtual) world for your pursuits. Happy New Year!

  2. Ultra'thoner says:

    Lookin' forward to running with you in 2009!
    Ran 20m yesterday, right on track. I wouldn't be too concerned about starting out behind schedule. Last year's endurance will translate over to this year.
    Happy running!

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