Blisters! What are they good for?

As a runner I have had my share of blisters most often received from my long runs and races.    Normally they aren’t a big problem as I treat them according to my first aid training with a little Spenco 2nd skin if they warrant it.


Recently I read an excellent article about blisters and how to care for them.  Dr. Paul S Auerbach’s Medicine for the Outdoors blog frequently has useful articles that often can be applied to an active outdoor life.  It is worth taking a few minutes to read his post and perhaps print out the ‘repair’ steps for your first aid kit.

I believe that preventative action is a good way to avoid most blisters.  This can be done by taking care of your feet before instead of after a race.  Some suggestions to consider follow.

Foot care:

  • Keep toenails trimmed.
  • Consider learning about how to tape your feet if you have regular blister issues.


  • Wearing properly sized sweat wicking running socks should be your standard.  (No more borrowing your spouse’s socks when yours are all in the wash.)
  • If hiking use a liner sock with your main sock to reduce friction.


  • Go shopping during the middle or end of the day. Your feet swell throughout the day, so a morning fitting will not give you the best fit.
  • Wear the same socks you'll wear when running or bring them with you to the store. 
  • Be sure to measure your feet. Shoe sizes will change throughout adulthood.
  • Measure both feet and try on both shoes. If your feet differ in size, buy the larger size.
  • Find a flexible supportive shoe with cushioned insoles.  Or add your own running insole.
  • Remember to leave toe room as your feet will certainly swell during longer races.  Consider buying shoes up to a half size larger than your street shoes.  This will also help prevent dead toenails. 
  • Avoid shoes that have any toe box seams which could add friction thus causing more blisters.


Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Blisters! What are they good for?

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    Great training and racing info. Good luck at Boulder!
    If they haven't been snowed in yet, I will run some of trails of the Western States 100 this weekend.

  2. Haliku says:

    Yeah wish you were at Boulder…
    Lil Bro is in PA at the folks on his way to Maine. His marathon is this Sat. I think he'll finish before I do. 🙂 Travel safely.

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