Pace Tat: A New Twist on a Old Race Ritual

If you have ever run in an organized race you might have noticed runners with a piece of paper, possibly laminated, taped around one of their wrists.  A newbie racer might ask one of these veterans what the paper loop is for thus realizing they wasted time memorizing their time vs. mileage pace.


A problem with the paper loop around the wrist is they often fall off, can be hard to read and are often uncomfortable to wear.  Unless waterproof they can also fall apart.  Carrying a list of times on a card isn’t the best option either as the same issues may exist and you might not have any pockets to stash it in during the race.


Recently I ran the Boulder Backroads Marathon and noticed a fellow runner with an obvious solution to the paper loop, a tattoo of his goal time vs. mileage.  I managed to ask him about it and have looked into the company since.


Pace Tat’s only product is temporary race pace tattoos for marathon runners (half or full) in all the Boston qualifying times.  They have 14 pacer tattoos that cover from 1:30/3:00 hours to 2:30/5:00 finish times.


It appears that Susan Rinkunas of Runner’s World has a review in the current issue so the word is out:

Don't have a moving support group? PaceTat, a temporary tattoo, lists every mile split for marathon finishing times from three to five hours. RW staffers tested the tats in July and found them durable and easy to read. Finish-line high-fives not included.


If only they could make a tattoo for the ultra running community…


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2 Responses to Pace Tat: A New Twist on a Old Race Ritual

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I've seen these before and wondered the same: if only they had these for ultrarunners..

  2. Katiebell says:

    ultra pace tats….you'd have to get them down your leg rather than your forearm! Animal!!!

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