Training Update

Week 7 of training for my 50 mile attempt at the 24 Hours of Boulder is behind me.  So far it feels good except for a minor right heel pain—bruise?  Nothing a little Vitamin I can’t fix.  I substituted a bike commute to work (26 miles) for one of my short runs last week to let my heel heal.


This past weekend I ran 21 on at Greenland Open Space in 3:53 and then did 7 at Castlewood Canyon State Park the following day.  I experimented with a new approach: on flats I ran a 9-10 min/mile; up hills I ran a 13-15 and down hills I ran a 7-8.  It seemed to work well for an overall 11 min/mile including my hourly breaks.  I only walked up the short steeper segments of the hills.  All my road running around home has hills which I run up slowly so my 'hill legs' are in condition.  There won’t be any hills on the Boulder Backroads Marathon.  Yeah.


I’m registered for the Boulder Backroads Marathon which I will be running with Ultra’thoner and just dropped my registration in the mail for the 24 Hours of Boulder.  For a moment I toyed with the idea of running the concurrent Boulder 100 but realized that is stretching too far as my longest race to date is just a 50k; maybe next year?

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2 Responses to Training Update

  1. Tristen says:

    Rock on with the training!!!

  2. Ultra'thoner says:

    Lookin' forward to this weekend. Should be a nice training run for us.
    See how you feel at the 24 hours at Boulder… there being no cut-offs until 24 hours… you can go as far as you would like at whatever pace you feel is right. It'll be great training for future 100 mile races.

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