1st Ultrathon!

I did it!

Its still hard to believe that I ran 50k and actually enjoyed it!  I didn't feel this way running marathons.  I'm a new convert to trail running and trail races.  The lack of pounding my feet and knees took from trail running is obvious.  I actually wanted to go running a couple of days after the race; so I did a light 4 mile warm up.

I've had many people ask me in amazement that people run that far?  There are races longer than a marathon?  Unless the person is a runner it is very hard to explain in any way that they will 'get it.'

  • I realized a few things about my running during the training and the race.  The first is hard surface running is painful compared to trails.  I'm now a convert to trail running. 
  • Walking is key.  I didn't walk much during my training and can see where structured walk breaks are helpful.
  • Food.  You need it and it might as well be tasty.  I am sick of gels, blocks and gu.  Cookies, sandwiches, chips, etc all sound better.
  • Sunblock.  It was great that I put it on my face and neck but I forgot my legs.  That was a burn I could of avoided.
  • Solo training gets old quickly.  Find someone to run with even for some of the weekly runs.  I ran almost all of the training weeks solo and found the motivation to get out was a challenge at times.  It was great to run with

Ultrathoner during the first half of the race.  Any shortness of this post is directly related to the detailed race write up he posted.

The race coordination and logistics for the Greenland race were great.  The staff and volunteers did a great job.  While all the 'short distance' runners and the 50ks started off together the bunch broke up quickly and crowding on the trail wasn't an issue.

So for a 6+ hour time on my first 50k I'm very happy.  Now I just have to find another race to sign up on….


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Mountain climber, ultrarunner, scuba instructor, world traveler, student of life
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1 Response to 1st Ultrathon!

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I am glad that the ultra-trail running bug has bit you. It is much better than on roads and paved surfaces. Now if only we could do more training runs together. Hopefully you will be able to make up for Lean Horse in August.

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