It’s tapering time!


My favorite part of race training as I know my long runs are behind me and all I need to do is stay healthy for race day.  The last three weeks really showed the conditioning coming into play.  The 20, 22 and 24 mile runs felt better each week.  I took a small taper (life was too busy) that I hadn’t planned on in early March.  It hurt when I kicked it back up but I feel ready now after the 24 strong miles I put in this past Saturday.  The only part that concerns me is I haven’t done as much trail running, compared to Ultra'thoner, during this training as I should of fit in.  I just don’t have any trails close to home so I’ve been running mostly on roads and sidewalks.


From the lack of blog activity I know writing isn’t part of my training routine yet.  Since any run under 15 miles seems short my 4-8 mile runs I need to do the next two weeks are easy.  I just might have time to write.


The weather has been great recently in the Denver area.  But this being April it can be 70 one day and snowing and blowing the next.  I’d like to request partly cloudy and 60 degrees please?!?


At least it’s taper time and I can catch up on the eating and sleeping.  Training for a run during the winter months takes a lot of work and mental fortitude during these cold mornings.  It all ‘builds character’ and conditioning that will help with my next project.  I am leading a trip to Bolivia to climb several mountains between 17600 and 20900 feet at the end of May.  See Illampu, Bolivia 20892 feet for one of them.  Now it is time to tune up my road bike and start hitting the gym.  Run, bike or climb…it’s all good!

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1 Response to It’s tapering time!

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I am looking foward to next week.
    Our only goal will be to finish; you've done enough training to do that. It is always better to show up on race day a little undertrained than a little overtrained anyway.
    Hopefully the weather will be good, but if not, it will "build character."
    Not that either of us need any….

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