Week 4 is a wrap!

It felt like this week was 14 days jammed into 7.  There is way too much going on right now.  But the running didn't take a hit as I woke earlier if needed to squeeze the miles into the day.

As I mentioned earlier I have a hard time with the walk concept of ultra running.  So to make sure I got my walking in I skipped an 8 mile run this weekend and went snowshoeing to climb a 12er and 13er yesterday for 8 miles instead.  It wasn't that cold (max 17 F) but the winds were real strong.  Sustained 30 mph winds with gusts from 30-60mph during the day.  Really!  The forecast is here.  It took me hours to warm up after I got home.  I looked up some wind chill numbers and was surprised at how brisk it really was once we were above treeline.

Today's run was 14 miles which ended up at at 9.5 minute pace.  The pace felt strong and very manageable with plenty of energy left at the end.  I could of gone longer but 4 miles from finishing it started to snow which is not one of my favorite running conditions.  I think I could of run the 50k ultra today and survived.  I would of paid for it tomorrow I'm sure.  I have 8 more weeks of training before my race week taper.  Without injury or illness 8 more weeks at this training level will let me have a chance at a strong race.

I need new shoes.  Instead of replacing my road shoes I'm looking at the trail running models.  By the time the rest of the training is over and then the race it'll be almost time for another pair as I try to replace them every 500 miles.  Then it'll be time to wear out my road bike tires…

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1 Response to Week 4 is a wrap!

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I am glad to see you are running! Happy Birthday Haliku!

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