Week 3 Complete

My week three of training, 28 miles, just wrapped up.  It was a very good week.  The long runs this weekend (12 and 8) felt strong and were all 10 minute miles or less.  I'm not sure I can run much slower and still feel like I'm running.  As I mentioned before the run slow and walk sometimes idea needs some work.  With temps in the 40-50s this weekend I can only hope that race day is similar.

In reading A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning, ed. by Don Allison, I'm adjusting my food intake while running.  Normally I don't eat or drink anything on runs 8 miles or less.  I now eat a Clifshot and some fluid around mile 3 and every 3 miles after that which seems to keep the legs strong.  Even better is that I feel less post run fatigue.  It still only takes 1 glass of wine at that point to permanently park me on the couch for the night but my muscle soreness is significantly reduced.  Eating more post run has helped also.  It seems like all I do when I'm awake is eat.  Plenty of eggs, pasta, chicken, whole grain bread, bagels and Chipotle burritos keep me going.

On the wine note I've found a new 'house' wine that it worthy of taking to a party or just every night at home.  Its the 1995 Yalumba Shiraz 94%/Viognier 6% from South Australia.  Depending on where you live it should be in the $8-12 range.  An excellent red for the value.

As a final note my little bro ran the Tampa Bay Marathon this morning.  While he had a very strong run he missed his goal of a Boston Marathon qualifying time by only 7 minutes.  A recent leg injury sure didn't help the end result but Congrats on such a well planned run!

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One Response to Week 3 Complete

  1. Ultra'thoner says:

    I'm glad that the training program isn't too rigorous for you yet. The run-walk strategy will make much sense as the weekend long runs go over 20 miles. Too bad lil' bro didn't qualify for Boston this weekend. I really enjoyed seeing him on Friday.

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